What’s Behind PCI U’s Strategic Alliances?

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Payment Card Industry

Merchants and franchisors now have more access and opportunity to benefit from powerful, innovative education tools that could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks to a new partnership between PCI University and Bluefin Solutions. This is in line with PCI’s efforts to utilize industry leading companies as platforms for our diagnostic tools that measure data security risks for businesses.

The card processing industry is on the front line of making its merchant customers aware of their PCI obligations.  Unfortunately, too many card processors do not do a good job fulfilling this responsibility as witnessed by companies that  charge their merchants PCI compliance fees without providing any effective means to understand how to actually minimize data security exposure.  Yet other processors simply go through the motions, providing customers ineffective assessments that bootstrap to minimal scanning services and a guide to filling out SAQ’s. Too many merchants are left with a false sense of security, thinking that these limited services are sufficient to provide them with all the PCI compliance they need to sufficiently reduce their risk of data security breaches.

What we admire about Bluefin is that they do not pay lip service about data security – they walk the walk!  Their care for merchant clients is reflected in their approach and commitment. For example, Bluefin is a participating organisation at the PCI Security Standards Council and was the first company to receive PCI validation for a P2PE Solution in 2014.  Simply put, this is the kind of partner which PCI University strives to work with in order to make a real difference in helping merchants combat the serious data and card security risks they confront on a daily basis.

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